sports fans

why Home Team Marketing reaches sports fans best

These fans are more than just a sports-centric audience. Your Brand gets a targeted opportunity to speak to an engaged, passionate audience of families, teens, ethnic segments, etc. There are 510 million high school sports fans in the U.S. (top 16 sports)16…and counting. Reach them with us.

our audience spends more across brand categories (some examples)


Our audience who plans to buy/lease a new or used vehicle in the next 12 months. (That’s 25% more likely than typical adults, 18+)2


On average, our audience has eaten four meals at a sit-down restaurant, in the past 30 days (vs. 3 for typical adults, 18+)2


What our audience spent on groceries in the past seven days (vs. the $136 typical adults spend, 18+)2

and we deliver on what’s important to them


Parents and community adults alike oppose cuts in federal education spending


Think we need to increase education spending4


We give approx. 50% of all net media revenue dollars back to schools, so they can better prepare our kids for what lies ahead.

what we do

Cross-campus branding, promotional and event marketing / Sampling/ Experiential / Digital media

Check out our case stories: Dunkin’ Donuts, Wolf Brand Chili

Sources: 16. NFHS, 2009-2010

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Families | Moms | Teens | Multicultural