we bring your Brand home

Strategic and customizable media solutions – hyper local or national.

We provide Brands with highly visible messaging opportunities, offline and digital solutions, and promotional marketing at every corner of the high school campus.

HTM’s network and school-based connections give us a unique edge, one that Brands and agencies are not able to replicate on their own. Having these 1/1 relationships with individual schools and their administrators, enables us to advise Brands on creative campaigns that would be most effective in this space and those that would be accepted by the schools.

We help make your Brand ever-relevant, keep it top-of-mind, and ultimately drive purchase of it. Let’s get started.

 proprietary school network


Proprietary network of high schools & communities built over 13 years.

We built our network the old fashioned way – going door-to-door to high schools across the country for the last 13 years. So Brands don’t have to try to piecemeal schools together. Choose to advertise at one school campus or thousands. We’ve got you covered. Pricing is determined by the chosen school’s geography, the chosen media elements and the audience reach delivered.

60% Coverage

Of the 18K high schools across the country, we have access to 11,000 of them. That's across 50 states and 6,000+ communities. We cover all major school districts/DMAs. Public/private schools too.


Flexibility to run campaigns big and small at a local, regional and national level.


Year-round media & sponsorship opportunities

 multicultural platform


green_square_18 = Hispanic    green_square_18 = African-American

Source: National Center for Education Statistics – CCD Public school data and PSS Private School Universe Survey data for the 2009-2010 school year.

Access to 90% of U.S school districts with high multicultural penetration.

There are approximately 1,400 high schools in the U.S. with predominantly African-American enrollment. And more than 1,300 high schools with predominantly Hispanic enrollment. At Home Team Marketing, we can help you reach these schools, all of which have a 60% or higher population of these multicultural segments.

 strategy & analytics

Crafting your Brand’s perfect media mix for a high return on investment.

Home Team Marketing is more than just a powerful media platform. We’re strategic too. Leverage our expertise in your category, with your consumers – and with schools – to craft your perfect campaign in the high school space.

Business understanding

  • Understanding brand objectives
  • Brand life cycle assessment
  • Community level needs
  • Category and competitive factors

Campaign development

  • Media mix relative to objectives
  • Right-sized investment


  • Establish KPI’s
  • Valuation comparison
  • Testing scenarios
  • Learning plans

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