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Local partnership opportunities that deliver results

Co-op Marketing

Are you in charge of local advertising for a national or regional franchise? Our platform is ideal for agency marketing programs that can benefit from authentic community sponsorships.

We help store managers and franchisees brand their businesses with local families through meaningful partnerships at events. A HTM co-op marketing partnership helps drive traffic to your business while benefiting the heart of the community; your local high school.  And best of all, it’s turnkey.  We handle all of the details.

Communities are loyal to brands that support their high schools

1 %
of parents want brands to support schools 1
1 %
will switch to brands that do 1

Who we are


We have built a high school network, second to none.


With access to approximately 11,000 high schools, we are the undeniable leader in high school media, marketing and sponsorship rights.


We sell sponsorships to Brands that really build their businesses.


We build brand businesses through creative and strategically customized media sponsorships offered across high school campuses.


We give back to
schools, across
the country.


We give approximately 50% of all net media revenues back to participating high schools.


We care about
kids, 365 days
a year.


Schools direct money received from Brand sponsors to needed activities and programs. That way, our kids are not missing out.

Businesses that can benefit


Local retail

Quick service restaurants

Banks & credit unions

Service Businesses

Businesses with local presence

Co-op programs can include:

Branded field level signage showcases your institution throughout events

Gymnasium banners provide consistent advertising during the entire campaign including daily activities

The social media toolkit provides the best curated content for your partner high school so you can leverage it via your own social media channels

Branded PA announcements capture the audience’s attention at breaks in the action

Check presentations at high attended events in the local community put your Brand front-&-center

Branded field level signage showcases your brand throughout events

Branded keeper pieces, like annual “home game” schedule magnets that are 1/1 distributed

Tented, customized on-site promotional areas, cleverly positioned across the campus or at a game event

Branded field level signage showcases your institution throughout events

In-school branded banners and posters in high traffic areas, (main office, counseling center, gym and cafeteria) reach high numbers of teens

featured co-op clients



  • "I had someone come to my office and buy a policy because he saw my advertisement banners on the field."

    Lisa Diemer Insurance Agent

  • "Our agency is seen as a big supporter of our local high school at a time when there is very limited community financial support. I have received great feedback from clients, parents and even students. It has significantly raised awareness."

    Nick Diorio Insurance Agent

  • "It is a great branding experience and raises our profile locally. When prospecting, the sponsorship helped drive my business through my on-site signage and gave us the opportunity to stand out."

    Guido Spada Insurance Agent

  • "I have already received plenty of positive feedback from the community since I have posted my social media updates with content made available through my toolkit. I like that it provides a separate webpage apperance to those that view it, which enhances the appearance to make this a first class program."

    John Tsiouvaras Insurance Agent

  • "My partner high school's football team was in the second round of the playoffs and the basketball program was kicking off the season. So not only did the community hear about our agency at the football game but they heard it at the basketball games too. I have a call for a quote already. Awesome!"

    Keith Curry Insurance Agent