how we work

Our process.

At Home Team Marketing, we work directly with Brand teams, or their agencies, to help them achieve their objectives.

We create and launch programs of all sizes: hyper local to regional to national. Our ability to scale “up and down” is a unique benefit of the high school media platform we have built over the last 13 years.

& analytics

  • Listening session(s) with Client team
  • Identify Brand pain points and objectives
  • Leverage category and Brand insights
  • Discuss measurement criteria
  • Discuss and recommend target list of high schools & consumer segmentation

Campaign ideation
& planning

  • Creation of customized idea and media package for Brand in the high school space
  • Ongoing client interaction & approvals
  • Results wrap-up
  • Future planning

School selection
& compliance

  • Day-to-day school relationship leads approach target schools with campaign and sponsorship plan and details
  • Solicit school approvals
  • Ensure campaigns are executed correctly across high school campuses

& production

  • Recipient and/or creator of all Brand art files
  • Seamless and efficient production process