our impact

ROI for Brands. Significant dollars back to high schools.

Brands (and their agencies) tell us that they love our media platform. It’s a way to authentically connect with local communities like they’ve never done before. And we hear this from Brands across the spectrum – from financial services, retailers and healthcare providers to teleco/mobile, energy companies and groceries.

We drive their businesses. From building local awareness, to driving visits, to supporting Grand Openings, and most importantly, to driving new accounts or higher basket orders. We have a long list of Brands that are happy to speak on our behalf. Just ask us and we’ll connect you.

But our still little – and growing – company of 40, does a lot more than build brand businesses. We make positive 180 shifts for change.

We give back approximately $.50 for every $1 in net revenue we receive from brand high school sponsorships.

We are on track to raise almost $50MM for local schools by the end of 2016.

We help Brands, schools, communities and our country’s high school students.

Yes, we love getting up and going to work everyday.