the problem

Our kids are not well prepared.

We have an education epidemic in our country. Plain and simple.

Countless studies indicate that budget cuts directly and negatively impact the preparedness of high school students.

In fact, when academic programs and activities – from labs to music to sports – are cut, high school attendance, grade point averages and graduation rates all fall.


States that still have education funding levels below pre-recession levels. Funding for additional computers and textbooks is largely gone.1


Number of teachers that have been cut. Class sizes continue to increase, and some states have even reduced the number of class-time hours.1


Countries in the world that have higher high school graduation rates than the United States.1

It’s time to do a 180.

Education experts have been saying it for years.

  • "Reducing education funding now and in the coming years will jeopardize our Nation's ability to develop and support an educated, skilled workforce that can compete in the global economy."

    Arne Duncan U.S. Secretary of Education, Late 2013
  • "These budget cuts are directly impacting student preparedness and achievement."

    Noelle Ellerson Associate Executive Director, Policy and Advocacy, The School Superintendents Association, October 2012

It’s time to do a 180.

And parents are worried too.


Against any federal educations cuts2


Think we actually need to increase education spending2


Think corporate support of public schools is the best solution2

It’s time to do a 180.

More action. Less talk.

We don’t know about you, but we’re sick of talking (and hearing) about it. Whereas a 360 always ends you right where you started, a 180 actually faces you in a new direction. So join us by making a positive 180 shift for change. Positive change for your business, for high school students and for local communities across our country.

Sources: 1. Center on Budget & Policy Priorities, 6/2012. 2. Mintel research, 1-12th grade parents – 2013.